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Bitesized Lectures For Every Topic

Bitesized “lectures” are almost an oxymoron. But we’re redefining what a lecture is. For every topic, our focus is to explain the intuition behind every topic and demonstrate it visually, so that you can learn it once, and remember it forever.

Powerful Features

For the ambitious students, the Accelerated plan has everything it takes to help you achieve your dream score

Bite-sized Lessons

Access to intuition based lessons covering the entire Methods study design. Here at Forestree, we learn it once, and remember it forever

Exam Module

Complete walkthrough on the best and most efficient revision strategies

Separator Module

Dissection and walkthrough of the 8 most difficult question types

CAS Module

Mastering the best CAS techniques can save you up to 15 minutes in Exam 2, and our comprehensive walkthough will show you how

Support Forum

Priority Support from the High Achievers Team in our Forum

All Materials

VCAA level diagnostic tests, end-of-year practice exam, 50er bound references.... all rigorously tested by our 50ers

State of the Art Online Platform

Everything you need to ace Methods, all in one place.


Modern LMS interface with navigated course progression, forum & discussion support, newsfeed update, and shop + giveaway entry.


We plant a tree for every student sign up and every course completion. Learn 2 Plant with Forestree!

Meet our High Achiever Tutors

Larry Pang

Raw 50

James Liu

Raw 49 (scale 50)

Carlos Kosako

Raw 50

Laurence Armstrong

Raw 48 (scale 50)

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the Accelerated plan has everything it takes to help you achieve your dream score

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